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District Documents

Here you will find all documents from the District such as application packets and the District Policy with updates posted as they are adopted.


January 2017 Policy Updates was to clean up some previously addopted changes that were not properly inserted into the Policy file.

Folder District Policy (20 Files)
pdf file Current Policy
Sub Folder By Series (8 Files)
pdf file 1000 The Board of Trustees
pdf file 2000 Instruction
pdf file 3000 Students
pdf file 4000 Community Relations
pdf file 5000 Personnel
pdf file 6000 Administration
pdf file 7000 Financial Management
pdf file 8000 Non-Instructional Operations
Sub Folder Policy Updates (2 Files)
pdf file 3/18/15 Version
pdf file Sept 2016 Version
Sub Folder Pre Sept 2016 Update (9 Files)
pdf file 1000 Series
pdf file 2000 Series
pdf file 3000 Series
pdf file 4000 Series
pdf file 5000 Series
pdf file 6000 Series
pdf file 7000 Series
pdf file 8000 Series
pdf file JHS Policy
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